Create Packaging Designs - Hathi Mustard Oil

Graphic / Package

This project was focused in vintage style of package for fire starters product.

Client looking for to develop and enhance the value of our brands, by combining efficiency, consistency and accuracy into our product. We have several SKUs and the design theme needs to be consistent across all of them. Our bestseller SKU is the 1-liter Pouch and Bottle and this will be our main focus. If the sample is approved then the same designs will have to be developed for all our SKUs along the same theme. It is to be noted that our consumer is everyone, from the low-income masses to the super rich so the design has to appeal to all.

We are also a little skeptical to deviate entirely from the existing packaging for the fear that our consumers will fail to recognize the brand and thus we do not want the new design to be drastically different. At least our 100-year-old logo should be displayed prominently.

All design files for each SKU is attached with all the content/barcode that will go on the label. All of it will need to be incorporated in the new design along with a working barcode.

reate Packaging Designs - Hathi Mustard Oil