Screen print design for KINLAB Radiate

Graphic / Package

SKINLAB Radiate (bottle screen print artwork
Product Name: Radiate
Product Description Headline: whitening body cream
Product Features:
Vitamin C
Shea Butter enriched
ashraqiâ„¢ essence
(from al zahra (logo attached))

Size: 120 ml

Description on back:
The skin's radiance is drastically improved when used consistently within weeks and it prevents the developing of any new sunspots with a highly advanced formula designed to brighten the skin, correct acne scars and any hyperpigmentation. It's rich cream texture is also featured with a lovely award winning oriental fragrance. Great for sensitive skin that can't handle glycolics or have rosacea.
Bottle dimensions (refer to picture): 143mm height; 43mm diameter
Notes: Try to be discreet with the "al zahra logo" and you may also use your own simplified variants of this logo.
The design should be a combination of SKINLAB elegant modern style with a hint of oriental graphic somewhere.
Try to include vector graphics
Brand requirements: SKINLAB logo is silver foil
Prefered colours: gold and variants of gold shades (yellow, orange brown), silver (if suggested a hint of green is also possible)

SKINLAB Radiate Bottle screen design